Embird Tutorial Contents

Adding Stop Point
Change Stitch Type
Color and Palettes
Converting Desings
Co-operation with Thred Digitizing Software
Creating Design Icons for Cataloguing
Entering Registration Password into Embird Plus
Exporting Images
Formatting Floppy Disks
Inserting Aligning Stitches
Inserting Aligning Stitches (Another Way)
Joining Designs
Open Designs for Giant Hoop-It-All™
Open Janome GigaHoop Design
Open Viking Plus Hoop Design
Lettering 1 (General)
Lettering 2 (Individual Settings)
Localization of a Stitch
Points Editing Mode
Print & Stitch
Processing ZIP Archives
Reading Floppy Disks
Resizing with Density Adjustment
Resizing with Density Adjustment (Advanced)
Save Brother Jumbo Hoop Design
Save Designs for Giant Hoop-It-All™ 
Save Janome GigaHoop Designs
Save Singer Multi-Hoop Design
Save Viking Plus Hoop Design
Sew Simulator
Sfumato Stitch 2.x (Multicolor)
Sfumato Stitch 1.x (2 colors): Creating Designs in Sfumato Stitch
Sfumato Stitch 1.x (2 colors): Advanced Use of Sfumato Stitch
Splitting - Interactive Free-Hand Splitting
Splitting - Split Before/After Color, Separate Color
Splitting - Using Initial and Ending Stitch Boxes
Thread Catalogs

Viewing Designs
Writing Designs to Floppy Disks